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to other world markets. it is way too early for this. good morning to you, i'm peter alexander in today for my friend, willie geist. this is "way too early" not just a clever name. the show that is curious, how mike barnacle talked his way out of guest-hosting today. just saying. shoot us an email at to let me now why you are awake right now. you can text the word awake. we'll read the best responses a little later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, march 14. a lot going on including libya, moammar gadhafi's forces appear to be making strong gains against rebel forces. plus let the dancing begin. the wait finally over, the ncaa brackets have been revealed.
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let the procrastination get started as well. we'll give you a full breakdown, a look at the top seeds, that's ahead in sports. but first we want to get to the news. live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. japan is working to contain a humanitarian nuclear and economic crisis. three days after getting hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. the pictures still so dramatic. right now, rescue workers are searching for survivors. largely in the country's coastal towns. where this morning, police say the death toll is mounting. in all, more than 10,000 people are estimated dead. millions of residents are still without power, and clean drinking water. the japanese coast is also been struck by more than 100 aftershocks. 150 aftershocks since friday alone. the latest one, a 6.2-magnitude quake followed by a new tsunami scare. only a scare today. safety concerns are lingering over growing problems at nuclear
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facility. earlier today, 11 people were hurt when a second hydrogen explosion rocked a nuclear plant that sent a column of smoke into the air. that blast was felt 25 miles away. but the plant's operator says radiation levels are fortunately still within the legal limits. meanwhile, the u.s. now says it's moved its ships and aircraft away from one of the quake-stricken plants, after discovering some low-level radioactive contamination. the new york city "times" is reporting that the "uss ronald reagan" passed through a radioactive cloud causing the crew to receive a month's worth of radiation in just an hour. kristen dahlgren there with more. that country still dealing with some significant aftershocks. can you give us a sense, 6.2 overnight for us, how is that affect the effort to try to find survivors? >> reporter: well we even felt that aftershock down here in
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tokyo. it's making it terribly difficult for the rescue workers trying to comb through all of the rubble they have to look through trying to find survivors. you can imagine the fear and panic among the people that went through this earlier and today herd the sirens sound again and had officials telling them to try to get to higher ground. there was a slight rise in the sea level, no wave did come ashore. but just sheer panic during those moments after the aftershocks. waiting for what could have been another tsunami coming ashore. so they're fighting this on just so many fronts here today. trying to find survivors and then just trying to stay alive with no power in many places. no water, food supplies are running low. and it's even difficult for them to get gasoline to try to take their cars and escape to safer ground. so it really is such a difficult situation for so many here. >> kristen, one of the real problems there of course is a lot of the power comes from nuclear plants and the plants are now posing some serious problems there. concerns this morning about a
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second blast at the fukushima power plant. can you give us a better sense of what more we know about that? as well as some reports we're getting today, that crew members from the american ship, the "uss ronald reagan" have been exposed to some of that radiation. >> yeah, well this is is a hydrogen blast in the third reactor now of that plant. so we saw them have a blast in the first earlier. now the third is gone. they say that's unable to cool itself. they say the inner core is still intact and officials are maintaining that there's very, very slim threat of a full meltdown or any type of mass radioactive leak. but a lot of concerns here. and also now the second reactor, at that plant, is now losing coolant as well. so that's a new concern that we've had just in the past few hours here and i know i was at the u.s. embassy today and a the although of people there trying to get emergency passports, trying to get out of the country. so that's the type of fear that many people do have right now. and then we're hearing reports
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this morning of the "uss ronald reagan" traveling through a radioactive cloud. and you mentioned that the crew members on deck received they believe a month's worth of radiation in only an hour. and also officials are telling us that american helicopters flying missions to the north of the damaged reactors were coated with particulate radiation as well that had to be washed off of those helicopters. so they're still assessing the potential damage there. and testing people in that area as well as now the u.s. crew members who may have been exposed. >> kristen dahlgren on the ground for us in tokyo, japan, be safe, we appreciate your reporting, thanks so much. after witnessing the crises at several japanese reactors, some american politicians are considering whether to to stop construction of new nuclear power plants here in the united states. senator schumer, lieberman and mcconnell all expressing their concerns on the sunday talk shows, here it is. >> i'm still willing to look at nuclear as i've always said. it has to be done safely and carefully. >> i don't want to stop the
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building of nuclear power plants. but i think we've got to kind of quietly, quickly put the brakes on until we can absorb what has happened in japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami. >> this discussion reminds me somewhat of the conversations that were going on after the bp oil spill last year. i don't think right after a major environmental catastrophe is a very good time to be making american domestic policy. >> there they were, the sunday talk show, despite a push in recent years for more nuclear plants in the u.s., right now only about a dozen are in construction, most companies bowing out because they simply cost too much. the trade association for the u.s. nuclear industry does not think the plans should change, with a spokesman saying quote it's premature to draw conclusions from this new tragedy in japan. japan's central bank says it is injecting a record $184 billion into the markets.
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the emergency move comes as the tokyo stock market plunges this morning amid new concerns about the economic impact of the new disaster. for more, we get all up in your business this morning on cnbc's jeff cutmore live in london for us. geoff, good morning. >> good morning to you, peter. it's interesting, we've had the european markets here open mixed at the moment of the we've got the london market and the french market higher. but it is germany that is seeing some selling and that is around this japanese story. a lot of exposure in the reinsurers, also in the energy stocks, particularly around the nuclear story that are driving the german market down. and that legacy from the japanese, the nikkei is what's hurting some of these european trades. we saw the nikkei down over 6% to the close of the session here. we expect that there is going to be a strong focus on corporate profitability. particularly where you've got
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some major manufacturers now like toyota, like sewny, like honda, who have come out and announced that there are closures of their manufacturing facilities, related to damage that's been wrought by the tsunami and the earthquake. we're going to continue to keep an eye on the story 678 the asian day pretty much finishing as far as business is concerned. so we'll continue to see the concerns in the marketplace expressed around the european trade. and more laterally into your american open. that's about it from the business story from london. back to you, peter. >> geoff business day closing, ours beginning less than four hours from now, amid the devastation in japan, there are incredible stories of survival and hope. as the tsunami approached last friday, a 60-year-old man says he made the regrettable decision to head home to try to pick up some of his stuff. minutes later, he was pulled out to sea, clinging to the roof of his house. miraculously, the man, as you see here, was spotted this
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weekend, by rescuers, ten miles offshore, after spending two days at sea. he was still holding on to that roof. when he was rescued. the man reportedly broke down in tears saying he thought, quote, that was day was going to be the last of my life. some other world news this morning. forces loyal to libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, are vowing to press eastward toward the main opposition city of benghazi. after reportedly reclaiming a critical oil town. that happened yesterday. news of the takeover comes as secretary of state hillary clinton is due to meet in paris today with rebel leaders. pressing for a no-fly zone over the country. and over the weekend, defense secretary robert gates said the u.s. would be able to impose such a measure if the president ordered it. >> if we are directed to impose a no-fly zone, we have the resources to do it. this is not a question of whether, whether we or our allies can do this.
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we can do it. the question is whether it's a wise thing to do. and that's the discussion that's going on in a political level. but i just want to make clear we have the capacity to do it. >> secretary gates this weekend. on saturday, the arab league endorsed a no-fly zone that will be discussed by nato representatives this week. speaking on "meet the press," senator schumer said that development makes it much more likely to happen. >> i think the president's handling it very well. not taking a military option off the table, but being careful. we've learned in the past when we go in militarily there are all types of other consequences. and at the same time, it's much better to do it in a multilateral way, with all the nations of the world on board, rather than do it unilaterally. the arab league, nato will get on board. and i think it makes a no-fly zone much more likely to happen shortly. >> does congress have to have a say? >> i believe on these, we should defer to the commander-in-chief on short-term immediate
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situations like this. >> still, the obama administration has expressed its concerns about anti-american backlash if it becomes involved in another muslim country in addition to iraq and afghanistan. pj crowley has resigned after calling the treatment of wikileaks suspect, bradley manning quote ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid. all his words. crowley made those remarks last thursday. he was speaking to a small seminar. this happened at m.i.t. on the power of blogging, tweeting and facebook. ironically, the comments were later blogged about by members of that audience, forcing president obama to defend manning's detention, that includes solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, being stripped each night before putting on a suicide-proof sleeping suit. >> pj crowley said the treatment of bradley manning by the pentagon is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid. >> i have actually asked the
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pentagon whether or not the procedures that have been taken in terms of his confinement are appropriate. and are meeting our basic standards. they assure me that they are. >> in a statement yesterday, crowley said, quote, my recent comments regarding the conditions of the pretrial detention of bradley manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day. to exercise of power in today's challenging times and relentless media environment must be prudent consistent with our laws and values. given the impact of my remarks, for which i take full responsibility, i have submitted my resignation. manning by the way is currently being held at a military base in virginia, he's accused of a range of charges, they include aiding the enemy for allegedly leaking classified data to that website, wikileaks. his lawyer calls his treatment
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degrading. amnesty international says it may violate human rights. a new stop-gap measure to fund the government will be approved this week despite some discontent among house conservatives. speaks to cnn, senator dick durban of illinois discussed the possibility of a shutdown this friday. >> we're not going to balance america's budget in the next six months. it's time for people of good will and both political parties to sit down, work this out, let's resolve the budget for the rest of the year. if enter are going to be new revenues or cuts in other areas, let's get it down. let's move on. some house lawmakers have said they will vote against the latest spending package because it does not implement the full $61 billion in cuts they had called for earlier this year. however house majority whip kevin mccarthy says he has enough votes to pass the three-week plan. it would give congress until april 8th circle that date to pass a budget for a remainder of the fiscal year. still ahead on "way too
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early" start getting your brackets in order for the office pools after weeks of waiting, the newly expanded field of 68 all set for this year's ncaa toult. what's your final four look like? you got that together yet? we'll have a look at top seeds when we come back. what can you do with plain mashed potatoes?
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there. let's talk about what's going to affect you as you walk ot the door this morning. over the weekend, not a bad weekend, thankfully we're done with the heavy rain events, the flooding has gone down in new jersey. a cool morning in new england. the wind chills will be down in the lower 30s. as we go through the radar, buffalo has had a little snowshower activity overnight. that's about it. most locations, sun and cloud mix today. a little cool in the shade or if you get the breeze. high 51 in d.c. boston at 38. the travel trouble spot in missouri. st. louis, if you look out the window. you've got sleet and snow mixing in with the rain. and moderate to heavy snow from kansas city to colombia and rain in arkansas. that's the travel trouble spot if you're flying in and out of kansas city and st. louis, you may have to deal with delays. chicago, minneapolis, orlando, miami, thursday, st. patrick's
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day coming up. boston, chicago, look to be 50s and 60s. with a nice forecast. >> it look like st. patrick's day all weekend long. folks in green. here's your sports highlights real quick. yesterday was the final day of the tournament championships, march madness brackets being revealed. in the acc, the fifth-ranked team duke taking on north carolina. blue devils going up early in the first half. they never looked back, led by nolan smith taking it himself, the lay-up and one. a few minutes later smith would do it again, this time with the trey, 20 minutes on the day, duke making a statement and the battle of tobacco road beating north carolina 75-58. the blue devils 19th acc tournament title. so we go to the big ten now, number one-ranked ohio state looking for its second consecutive big ten title take on penn state. john dibbler throws 21 up and the bzer drills it.
5:50 am
ohio state went to the locker room up by six. they blew the lead wide open, david light penetrating the lane, kicks it to aaron craft. watch this guy in the postseason. ohio state takes home the big ten title with a 71-60 win. they are the first repeat tournament champions since michigan state did it in 1999 and 2000. so last night, ncaa is revealing the march madness bracket, ohio state earning a top seed in the east. their record 32-2 this season. vegas odds have them as the 7-2 favorite to win it all. duke, last year's defending champions took the top spot in the rest with a 30-4 record. the 12th time the dukies have been seeded number one. in the southwest, the kansas jayhawks were number one and in the southeast, pittsburgh, pitt grabbing the number one seed for the second time in the last three years. by the way, it is the first year that the field has expanded to 68 teams. if you thought you couldn't get enough, you're going to get even
5:51 am
more this year. those first four games start tuesday. so in a lot of places you go the to get your picks in early. then the rest of the tournament begins thursday. by the way, a number one seed has still never lost to a 16th-seeded team. coming up on "morning joe" today, a huge show playing for you this morning. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, new york mayor corey booker and "60 minutes" leslie stahl are joining joe and mika. we'll gather around the water cooler to watch a hairy grown man dress 7-like little orphan annie and sing "tomorrow" as a amazg as it sounds. the motorola xoom tablet.
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back now live on "way too early." here's a stat to find staggering, the historic earthquake in japan not only moved the country's main island by eight feet. it also had an impact on the total amount of time in the earth's day. so if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends, the japan earthquake shortened the earth's day length by 1.8 microseconds. that's according to the geophysicist, richard gross of nasa. his analysis showed the quake accelerated the earth's spin
5:55 am
that caused the shortened day. so we got around the water cooler quickly for a brief break from the real news. zach made his triumphant return to "snl" this weekend and the man did not disappoint. he worked a little music ditty into his opening monologue. >> i think it's important for one and for us as a country to look forward to the future. because, there's always a tomorrow. music, please? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ ♪ bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ♪ ♪ there will be sun ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, tomorrow ♪ ♪ you're always a day away
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ tomorrow, you're always a day away ♪ >> safe to say that should have answered the boxers versus briefs for him. take another look. >> i do like usher. >> usher is justin bieber's dad, right? >> no, they're friends. >> that's not justin bieber's dad? >> no, they're from two different countries, actually. >> it's good that you know this kind of stuff, because this is exactly what i'm out of the loop about. >> they're not really related to each other. they're not cousins, they're not brothers. >> you sure do know a lot about
5:57 am
bieber. >> no. >> i like this, i like this a lot. >> do your feet ever smell? >> sometimes, like once in a while. >> so maybe your feet smell? >> like a week and a half and then, it goes away. >> we'll take a break, "morning joe's" right ahead. act my age?
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